Georgetown Plan Review Project

What is It?

The Georgetown Plan Review Project is a project to update the Town of Georgetown’s Official Plan and Zoning and Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw. These are the documents that chart the course for the Town, and that control how and where development—such as homes and businesses—can happen.

Why is This Important?

Plans are living documents. While the current Plan and Bylaw serve the Town well, it is important to review them regularly to make sure they are working as best as possible to meet the needs of the community. This is also a chance to evaluate new development trends that may not have been on anyone’s radar the last time the Plan and Bylaw were reviewed. One example is the need to think about suitable regulations for renewable energy, such as solar panels.

An up-to-date Plan and Bylaw will help make sure the Town has the tools to support businesses and residents as the community grows and develops.

What Will This Project Cover?

The Plan and Bylaw mainly deal with development and other ways we use our land. The Plan is also Council’s road map for the actions Council hopes to take in the coming years. Some of the topics that will come up as part of this review include:


·         Housing

·         Home-based businesses

·         Parks and open spaces

·         Services (e.g. sewer and water)

·         Renewable energy

·         Industry


·         Heritage and culture

·         Jobs and economic development

·         Tourism

·         Signage

·         Climate change

·        …and whatever else is important to  you.


When Will This Happen?

The Georgetown Plan Review Project will take place through the end of 2017, with the beginning of the formal adoption process for the Official Plan and Development Bylaw tentatively scheduled for January of 2018.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are a variety of ways you can provide your input for this project. Please attend our upcoming open house, or reach out through one of the different ways provided below. There will also be a Public Hearing as part of the formal document adoption process. Details of that meeting will be posted here when they are available.

Open House
Thursday, November 16 from 7 to 9pm
Kings Playhouse, 65 Grafton Street

This is an open house format, so please drop by any time between those hours that is convenient for you. Coffee and tea will be provided

Written Comments

Please send written comments or questions by email or snail mail.

Mailing address:
Town of Georgetown
P.O. Box 89
Georgetown, PE C0A 1L0

Talk to Us

You can talk to us about the project by calling (902) 652-2924 or by visiting the Town Hall at 36 Kent Street.

Draft Documents


Official Plan 2018 DRAFT COPY

Zoning and Subdivision Control Development Bylaw 2018 DRAFT COPY

Public Meeting (Land Transfer)