Business Potential

There are a number of great reasons to do business in Georgetown. The town is the capital of Kings County and has many attributes which should be considered for their contribution to economic development opportunities. These include the superb natural deep water harbour with a new multi-million dollar wharf. This harbour is relatively ice free compared to harbours on Northumberland Strait such as Summerside and Charlottetown. Access to the Harbour by truck is also very convenient with a truck route from Highway 3 to the Wharf facilities and is only a short drive from several larger centers. Businesses here benefit from the large market area and availability of quality human resources.

Other attributes include the following:

  • All weather highway access
  • 35 acres of available industrial land
  • Industrial sewage system
  • Three phase electrical power
  • High speed internet with wireless capability
  • Large trained workforce available
  • Residential land available for subdivision development

See what businesses are already in Georgetown

Georgetown and Area Development Corporation

The Georgetown and Area Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation established to work with the local municipal council towards development and growth of business in Georgetown and the area.
Phone: 902-652-2924

Georgetown Residential Development Program

The Town of Georgetown offers a unique subdivision area to promote residential development. Contact the Town office at 902-652-2924 to obtain a copy of current lots available under this program.

Terms and Conditions of the Georgetown Residential Development Program
The terms and conditions are, whereas the Town of Georgetown has land available for residential development, which land the Town Council of Georgetown wishes to develop, and whereas the Purchaser wishes to construct a house in the Town of Georgetown, the Purchaser agrees to complete said construction within a two year period or the land with revert back to the Town of Georgetown, and whereas the Purchaser agrees to complete landscaping within one year of the completion of said construction. Anyone entering into this program prior to the amended Georgetown Residential Program on October 21, 2013 and December 16, 2013 are subject to the original terms, conditions and steps of the Georgetown Residential Program.

Should you decide to take advantage of the Georgetown Residential Development Project, the following steps shall be taken:

Step One: Submit to the Georgetown Town Council a copy of the house plans that you plan to construct on the lot of your choice with the sum of five hundred ($500.00) dollars. This amount is refundable if you do not proceed beyond step two, less a fifty ($50) dollars administrative fee if written notice is given to the Town of Georgetown seeking withdraw from the program. If the Town does not hear any communication with the client after six months, and further steps of this program have not been completed, the agreement to hold on to the land is dissolved and the deposit is returned to the client less a one hundred ($100) dollar administrative fee.

Step Two: Upon approval by the Town Council of your house plans and the availability of the lot of your choice, you will be notified.

Step Three: Submit in writing to the Town of Georgetown your confirmation to continue with the Georgetown Residential Development Project, along with an additional non-refundable sum in the amount of two thousand and five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars. Note: All legal fees relative to the issuance of the deed as well as the surveying fees are included in this price.

Step Four: After receiving conformation in writing of your plans to continue with the program, the Town of Georgetown will contact the Town’s Solicitor for the preparation of the deed and transfer of land from the Town to the Purchaser.

Step Five: Upon approval of the deed, the proper signing authorities of the Town shall sign over the Deed and provide a survey plan for the said lot.

Step Six: The Town Administrator will forward a building permit application and sewerage hook-up application. The Purchaser is required to sign a legal agreement on the above conditions. The purchase price for each lot will be three thousand ($3,000) dollars with the deposit fee being part of the said price. The client has six months to construct the new house upon successfully completing steps one through six of the program.